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CSR Outer Ankles

CSR Outer Ankles

SKU: COM8002


Completely Re-designed, Expertly Formed and Welded.  New Solid Bottom section means the bushing will never loosen or fall out. New Wire channel formed in this section means clean , hidden wires to your motors. There is a left and right ankle now, so the wire passage channel is always down out of sight.


New center opening allows you to tighten the wedge without removing anything. New crisp angle cuts means no more grinding on wedges to perfect the fit. Solid 1/4 " Aluminum Rear plate gets rid of the need for leg spacers. Mounting holes are pre-countersunk for flat head screws making for a clean looking Ankle.

These also have the new half moon cutouts around the ankle details formed into the metal at the correct depth surrounding the Ankle Detail Areas.


Mounting Hardware sold separately item # 8023


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