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Center Vent Set

Center Vent Set

SKU: COM8200


The all new design of the New Center Vents Assembly is as follows: Made from 100% Machined Billet Aircraft Aluminum Alloy. These Center vents come to you fully assembled and ready to drop in both Legacy and CS:R Skins. The unique new design makes the Upper and Lower Center Vents internals into one solid fully machined unit which attaches to the Center Vents Surrounds. This new design will mount much easier and be more sturdy on your droids.

Slots on the sides are for the 8 set screws ( 1/4-20 x 3/8 sold with the frame ) to locate on aluminum frames and both units being tied together makes installation easier. Never again will you need to worry about little fingers poking out or bending your old version internal vents again, or spend hours sanding and gluing them together yourself.

Fit both Legacy and CSR skins

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