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Beta Foot Drives

Beta Foot Drives

SKU: COM8009

Beta Foot Drives ( Pair )

Solid, sturdy, Uber light weight foot drives. Proven JAG Design. Machined precision Parts, Silent Running noise, and oh so much control........These foot drives are made for the real world application of driving your droid safely and under control at all times. These are the ones that allow you to move and mimic the actual driving capabilities and skills of a true Droid Wrangler. You will be able to move accurately and with safety in the Venues we drive. Let go of your radio's control stick, you stop on a dime... No coasting out of control. Quiet soft rubber drive wheels, Omni Wheels on Front, no need for ankle locks here ...All Four wheels are on the ground.

Smooth NPC motors  not included   NPC-2212 12 Volt , 295 RPM

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